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Costa Rican All Inclusive Vacations

By Kenth Nasstrom

A Costa Rican treat. An all inclusive vacation in Costa Rica is something you must experience. Any vacation need certain ingredients to become successful. Among them relaxation, fun, pleasure, good food, good service and value for the money.

After enjoying several Costa Rican all inclusive resorts can I say that they really are outstanding. I will give you a short run down of 2 places where we stayed.

1. Villas Sol, Guanacaste, Playa Hermosa

Villas Sol in Playa Hermosa. Neighbour with one of the first high priced vacation places in Costa Rica, namely condovac.

Villas Sol have a large, clean hotel on top of a beautiful hill with lush green surroundings. Behind the Villas Sol hotel you’ll find a pool, snackbar and the restaurant.

The employees where friendly and helpful. The two minor drawbacks I found where the food (not really up to the quality of the rest. A bit tasteless and not enough variation). And what is part of the beauty also plays against Villas Sol. The houses are spread out on a hillside and the distances are so great, they have small pickups with sofas on the back circling all the houses, allowing guest free rides wherever they want to go.

So if you’re on your way to eat, hop on the truck. If you want to go to playa Hermosa, hop on the truck. This can be somewhat tiresome.

Villas Sol, (especially on the low priced season) is quite good value for the money.

2. Fiesta Resort Hotell in Puntarenas.

Puntarenas as a town may not be known for its beaches. But due to being the closest port and beach town from San José, a number of high priced 4 star hotels and resorts have been built here.

Fiesta Resort is a very large hotel with nice rooms, extremely friendly and helpful employees. I have never received so much help and friendly smiles in any places as in Fiesta Resort.

The rooms where all of high quality. Clean, lots of space, nice AC and cable tv.

There are plenty of pools, from the relax pool with dark blue water to the light blue normal pools where people could enjoy the pool bar or do the water-aerobics each day.

Dance classes each day, nice snack bar with tacos, granisados, hamburgers and a lot more to eat kept people going.

The main courses like breakfast, lunch and dinner where treats without comparison!

The restaurant had cooks placed in several places where they where wooking, cooking and making food directly on demand from the guests. They also arrange theme dinners where the Fiesta Resort Restaurant was filled with employees with theme clothes and other themed adornments.
Fiesta Resort gets my highest points without any competition. A place to return to. Value for the money, exceptional (check the low cost season here as well).

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