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Cruising Tips To Keep You Healthy

By Kelly Gillis

Here are some ideas related to your health for you to consider before you take your cruise.

Some areas of the world are still prone to illnesses that we haven't seen in years. Check with your cruise line to see if you will require any specific vaccinations prior to your cruise. Make an appointment to see your personal physician if you need any.

Make sure that you have plenty of your prescription medications with you. It is recommended that you take a few extra pills over the number you will need for the duration of your cruise. It is also recommended that you get a letter from your physician on his or her letterhead stating the medications that are prescribed for you. This may help you go more quickly through customs. Ask you physician for a recommendation for seasickness remedies, just in case.

When you make reservations with your cruise line tell them if you are in need of any type of specific diet. They can generally accommodate most requests.

Even though most of your needs can be purchased on the cruise boat, it's easier, and cheaper, to pack some of your own. Pack aspirin, antacids and anti-diarrhea medications. Don't forget your daily vitamins or any other daily supplement you may take. Make yourself a first aid kit with band aids and antibiotic cream in case of cuts.

Make sure you have sunscreen with you with an SPF of at least 30. Once you get the first hints of a tan you can lower your SPF protection. The last thing you want to do is ruin your precious vacation with a bad sunburn. Remember to put on your sunscreen heavily, and at least 15 minutes before you go into the sun. If you spend time in the pool make sure that you re-apply it according to the manufacturers instructions.

Pack a hat to help further protect yourself from the sun, which you will find much stronger the farther south you cruise. Also, don't forget your sunglasses with a strong UV protection. You need to protect your eyes too.

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