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Las Vegas For Kids

By Eric Madsen

Next to hitting a big enough jackpot to retire early, what’s the other secret wish of vacationing parents on the Strip? Freedom from ‘the kids’. Studies conducted by the Las Vegas Visitor’s Bureau show that over 5 million kids visit Las Vegas each year. Camp Las Vegas is the first of its kind to offer tours on the Las Vegas Strip specially designed for kids, aged 7 to 17.

The tours run by day (10am to 2pm) and evening (6pm to 10pm), seven days a week. Granted, this camp is not your average arts-and-crafts variety. It’s adventure with a capital “A”. Tour activities combine everything from shark sightings, safaris, mummy tombs, knight jousting, roller coasters, American Idol auditions, 3-D movies to arcade games.

You won’t find any sack lunches, here. All tours include a meal at hip restaurants like Rainforest Café, Planet Hollywood, NASCAR Café and more. Plus, kids go home with a free t-shirt and gift.

All Camp Las Vegas tour activities are rated “K” for kid-approved. Safety goes beyond screening entertainment content. Adhering to the highest security standards, the camp offers a secured check-in and check-out process of children at various hotels on the Strip where each tour commences and ends.

A ratio of one camp director for every six campers and a maximum limit of twelve kids per tour ensure a secure, supervised environment. Furthermore, all camp tour directors have passed local, state, and national background checks.

The best news? Parental peace of mind comes at a wallet-kind price. The adventure tours are priced at only $99. Since it’s inception, Las Vegas has always been known as an adult playground. Kids were never considered the target tourist market for the glittering jewel destination in the desert… until Camp Las Vegas.

About the author:
Eric Madsen is a frequent visitor to Las Vegas. In his early trips to Vegas, in the 70's it was not a good idea to take kids. There simply was nothing to do for the kids. Now Vegas has become a family town. Eric is the webmaster of You can view all the Vegas tours at

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