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Packing for a Caribbean Vacation? Check This List

By Jennifer Smith

No matter who you are, it's easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement of taking a trip to the Caribbean. And, of course, that means it's easy to forget a few items along the way. Most can be picked up later, but the items on this list are essential.

Tickets, Hotel Reservations, and Other Booking Information: Make sure that you bring all necessary paperwork, such as tickets or confirmation numbers, for all of your reservations.

Passports and Photo IDs: Regardless of what each nation requests for entry, you'll need to make sure you have it handy when you reach land. Recently tightened restrictions mean travelers may want to check twice before traveling in 2006.

Budget: Having a budget in mind can be helpful. It's best to know how much you should expect to spend each day of your travels. Knowing if taxes, such as the departure tax for airlines, are included in the bill can also help you keep on-budget.

Appropriate Attire: While many travelers have no problem wearing beach attire into local shops, this may bother locals. Look into island customs before packing, and remember to keep it light. Light-weight and light-colored materials will keep you feeling cool.

Sunblock and Other Protection: Whether you plan to spend a day relaxing on the beach or some time exploring the jungle, it's important to protect yourself. Sunblock is one way to stay safe from the sun, and hats keep your face out of direct light. Insect repellent can keep away mosquitoes and other irritating bugs.

Extra Space: Souvenir shopping can lead to many fun purchases, but it can turn into a hassle if you don't have a good way to pack these items. Consider taking an extra small bag for keepsakes. Trinkets can often be mailed back home. Travelers should check customs regulations before leaving for vacation to find out what they can bring back.

If you've considered everything on this list, you shouldn't be missing a thing during your trip to the Caribbean. After all, these islands are known for what they offer travelers. Style, seclusion, niche gifts, and nightlife all play a part in creating the Caribbean atmosphere.

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