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South Tyrol- Italia

By Martin Drahorad

Welcome to South Tyrol the home of incredible mountains and plenty of sunshine.
The small place in the Northern part of Italy borders to Austria and Switzerland, this is also one of the reasons why people are bilingual in this area. After the First World War the southern Tyrol became part of Italy. From then on people had to learn the Italian language of course. At the beginning it was not that easy for the two language groups to live together, which resulted in lots of revolts. Nowadays the problem is solved by a special autonomy which recognizes both languages. Some families are native Italian speakers; some families are native German speakers. Children learn from the early age at school both languages and grow up in a more or less bilingual world. But enough now about the history of South Tyrol, let me tell you about the wonderful contrasts of this special spot in Europe.
South Tyrol is known for its fantastic landscape and the mild, Mediterranean climate. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views over impressive mountain ranges, or visit the picturesque villages and the small towns with many historical sites and buildings. The cheerfully and friendly population of South Tyrol will spoil you with culinary highlights, such us typical South Tyrolean dishes prepared with healthy and fresh ingredients straight from the herb garden and light Italian creations. Excellent home grown wine from the region will accompany your meals. The people in South Tyrol are very traditional and proud about their culture. Still now certain customs are celebrated in a most festive way. Spend a relaxing holiday in South Tyrol and experience the pristine nature. There are lots of things to do and to see... numerous hiking paths lead you through mysterious woods, over colourful meadows and green pastures, past refreshing waterfalls and quiet, clear-blue mountain lake, up to extraordinary peaks with stunning views. Take a rest, close your eyes, inhale the fresh air and take in all the impressions and feelings of this unforgettable moment.
Other sport activities you can practice are climbing, mountain biking, skiing, playing golf or tennis, Nordic Walking, and many more.
The famous Dolomites invite you to explore its unique landscape.
For sightseeing, nice restaurants, bars, and the occasional shopping tour visit the two major cities Merano and Bolzano. The region around Merano and Bolzano is filled with the sweet flavour of the many apple trees.
It is a hot and sunny summer day, with clear blue sky and you would like to spend it somewhere nice? Take an excursion to one of the idyllic lakes, for example the Lake of Caldaro, situated in the southern part of South Tyrol where most of the vines grow.

About the author:
Martin Drahorad is born in Soutyrol and lives at Merano. He owns several websites about South Tyrol. Feel free to visit his Website here: Suedtirol text

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