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The Man Who Moved a Mountain - The Incredible True Story of Florida's Coral Castle - Part 4 of 4

By Steve Shannon

The Day That Ended An Era

One morning in early December of 1951, Ed left a note on the entrance of Coral Castle stating that he was going to the doctor. A few days later on December 7, 1951 at the age of 64, Ed passed away in his sleep at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. His death was attributed to stomach cancer and malnutrition.

The first thing people seem to wonder is why Ed didn’t cure himself of the stomach cancer, as he did with the tuberculosis. Those who knew Ed believed that Ed was just tired. It was pretty obvious that even after all of his hard work, his “Sweet Sixteen” still didn’t care (she did know about the castle); so it’s assumed that Ed just gave up.

Whatever the reason behind all of Ed’s decisions in his life, take a moment today to pay tribute to a very unique individual. An individual who created numerous unexplainable feats --- all with a mere forth grade education. That’s right, Ed never officially achieved anything higher than a fourth grade education. However, Ed did love to visit the library on a daily basis and look through books; especially those with pictures of Egyptian hieroglyphs and artifacts. It is believed that within these books is where Ed somehow stumbled onto a secret that has eluded mankind since the days of Stonehenge and the rise of the great monolithic structures of Egypt, Lebanon, and South America.

Ed knew from the very beginning that he was doing something unique, as witnessed by the message he chiseled in place at the main entrance of Coral Castle… “You will be seeing unusual accomplishment”.

The legacy of Edward Leedskalnin is truly fascinating. Will we ever discover the secrets that Ed used to prove his love for his “Sweet Sixteen”? It seems that Ed didn’t feel that the world was ready for his knowledge in 1951. He deliberately destroyed his knowledge before he died. He believed that knowledge should be earned, not merely passed on. Perhaps he felt that it could too easily be used for the wrong reasons. Maybe this decision was the result of almost being beaten to death earlier. Why else would Ed leave the following clue in the encoded form we now find it…

After Ed died, a plaque was found in Coral Castle which read simply, “The secret to the Universe is 7129 / 6105195”. What this means is anyone’s guess. Does this somehow refer to a lost science known as “Sacred Geometry”? Who knows?

Coral Castle was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, but it is still a relatively little-known attraction. Maybe its for the best.

I mean, are we really mature enough to handle his secret today, anyway? I’m not so sure… Regardless, Ed left irrefutable evidence that we are in fact capable of so much more as human beings than currently witnessed. The proof is in the greatest architectural achievement in modern times… that magnificent creation in the Florida Everglades called Coral Castle.

Coral Castle is open for visitors year-round and the cost of admission is currently $9.75 for adults. Children under 6 are free.

For more resources about the Coral Castle story, including some theories, visit: . There are many more amazing things about Coral Castle for you to discover…

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