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There's more to Burton on Trent than just beer! - Part 1

By Chris Towland

Many people around the world will automatically associate
the town of Burton on Trent with beer and the brewing
industry. There have been many times when I have visited
bars in different countries and have seen the distinctive
Bass red triangle and the words 'Brewed in Burton Upon
Trent' on a beer mat or etched on an ornamental mirror.

Without a doubt, beer and lager is Burton's main export
and it's surely true that most Burtonians have met people
in far flung corners of the earth who have said "so you're
from Burton .... where the beer comes from".

But, as the title of this article suggests, there's more
to Burton on Trent than just beer so here, in the first of
a series that takes a look at some of the other points of
interest of this Staffordshire town, we take a snapshot of
a few of the many options for food in the town.

Whether you fancy a curry, a good pub meal or a lavish
extravagant treat you can certainly find something for
every palate and every wallet in Burton on Trent. Starting
with curry, there is an adundance of good Indian
restaurants in and around Burton.....

These include Balti Tower on Station Street which has the
most extensive choice of Balti dishes in Staffordshire and
where a curry will only cost around a fiver. Balti Towers
is not licensed and so you're welcome to take your own
drinks with you which is also great if you want to keep the
cost of your meal to a minimum. If you visit Balti Tower
with a few friends make sure you try the Family Nan Bread,
it's absolutely gorgeous ....... and about the size of a
small duvet!

There's also Jee-Ja-Jee's in Horninglow Street. I'm
reliably informed that the translation of Jee-Ja-Jee's is
'brother-in-law' and this is because the four Jee-Ja-Jee's
restaurants (in Burton, Tutbury, Littleover and Kegworth)
are owned and run by two brothers-in-law. The quality of
food at Jee-Ja-Jee's is superb and the specials (some of
which don't appear on the menu but the staff will be happy
to tell you about) are among the best curries I have tasted.

The Clay Oven on New Street is another Indian Restaurant
worthy of note. It is a licensed restaurant but the staff
also seem happy for you to take your own drinks. Ideal if
your party includes some who prefer a draught pint of lager
and others that want to keep the cost down and bring their
own. The wine list is also pretty good at The Clay Oven
including several very drinkable bottles around 7 which in
my experience is a very good price for a bottle of wine in
a restaurant. If you're visiting the Clay Oven during the
week, take a look at their 'Meal Deal' which for less than
9 gets you popadoms and pickles, a starter of your choice,
a curry of your choice along with rice or nan bread and
even a coffee and mints thrown in for good measure.
Excellent value and excellent food too!

Other Burton curry houses worthy of a visit include
George's on Station Street, Bilash Spice in Stretton, Spice
of Asia on Station Street and Mombai Blue on the A38
towards Willington.

Chris Towland 2005

About the author:
Article two in this series will continue to look at the
other options for food in Burton-on-Trent but in the
meantime, take a look at the online guide to food, drink
and entertainment in Burton which also includes a
frequently updated 'What's On' section and special offers
from numerous Burton restaurants. It can be found at

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