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Tips To Make Your First Cruise An Unforgettable Experience

By Mark Freeman

For some a cruise is a trip of a lifetime. No matter your port of call you are in for an amazing experience. This article is to help you get more enjoyment from your cruise by making sure that you have taken care of some do's and don'ts before your cruise starts.

Getting Started

As with any trip you take you'll want to make sure that your home is secured. Leave your lights on a timer that will go on and off at a pre-determined time, or better yet have someone visit your home to check things on a daily basis and they can change the lights that are left on. Make sure that if you don't have someone to collect your mail and your newspapers on a daily basis that you contact your post office and have it held. Mail and newspapers accumulating is a sure sign that you're not home.

Have the addresses of everyone you'll need to send post cards to on pre printed labels. It makes things much easier for you, you won't forget anybody, and you won't have to worry about carrying your address book.

Financial Considerations

Take traveler's checks. They are replaceable if they are lost and are accepted almost anywhere. Make sure that you write down all the serial numbers of your checks, and keep them in a different place than the checks themselves. Also, keep track of used checks. It helps to make replacement easier if you have this information.

Only take small bills, usually one's and five's. You'll need these for tips for porters and stewards at the airport and on the dock.

Check your invoice carefully the day before you leave. Have the cruise line correct any errors. This will help you get through the check out line sooner at the end of your cruise.

Traveling with Children

Bring a stroller for your child, or check to see if the cruise ship will supply one. The last thing you need on your cruise is a tired child that you have to carry from deck to deck.

Bring snacks for kids such as cheese and crackers and granola bars. These are fairly healthy snacks for children, and you'll have them when you need them. Also, you won't have to pay the high price asked for at port.

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